Welcome to the Sareoso Website, home to the 64 Sareoso diagrams.

There are many ways to access the diagrams, but the main way is to translate the Basque words they are labelled in.

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The top buttons are used for navigation:


explanation of the site
herria means 'town' and the herria button leads you to the page you are now reading, where a helpful inhabitant of the town is now explaining to you how to get around the town.

(In the Basque language, an 'a' at the end of a word means 'the' (the definite article), so the word for town is 'herri', but with an 'a' on the end, it means 'the town'.)


the diagrams
ogi means bread, and the ogia button leads you to the 'bread' of the site, meaning the main sustenance, which is the 64 Sareoso diagrams - a complete system of explanation of 'the net of existence'.


notes about the diagrams
mendi is a mountain. To climb the mountain and find out what you can see from the top, it's necessary to find out a bit more knowledge.


the library - which as yet unfortunately has nothing in it, although you can submit things to be in the library and there is a list of things that have so far been submitted, which are still awaiting classification.


stories and animations
In some of the stories a bear (hartza) is featured.


discussion board
plurals in Basque are signified by -ak
hitz is a word, hitzak therefore means 'words'


links and contact
hatzak means literally 'fingers'